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Membership Payment Information.

United States of America. Bill Hulley K7WXW. Click here to e-mail Bill

Bill Hulley K7WXWBill Hulley K7WXW is our representative in the USA.
Bill’s address is 2943 SE Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon 97214, USA
The USA subscription is $20 (for 2023) if paid to Bill . Payments by cheque only (he has no paypal) should be made to “Bill Hulley”. Members (and new members) should ensure that cheques sent to Bill should also include address and callsign. Existing members should also send their membership number. Please do not make cheques out to the club.

There is no Paypal option for paying direct to to our USA representative so please do not ask. If you wish to pay using Paypal the following web page is the only method that you should use. ( - This will be at the DX pound sterling rate of £15.

The club recognises that many parts of the world have easy access to the USA dollar or may even have it as their currency. Please note that Bill serves the United States of America only and is unable to accept your subscription if you live elsewhere. You should use Paypal or get your bank to organise a cheque/money order that is acceptable to a UK bank to the value of £15 (GBP), made payable to "GQRP Club" and send it to Daphne G7ENA GQRP Club Membership Secretary.

New members who join through the year will receive all the sprats so far (and then later the rest) and your membership then falls due on January 1st (with everyone else). However, new members who join after 31st October will receive (as a bonus), the Winter Sprat and then the four Sprats of the following year where your membership ends on December 31st of that following year.

It is only after October 31st that you may renew your subscription for the following year. You will see the membership rates for the following year published in the Autumn Sprat and on this site shortly after.

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