Convention Buildathon Information.

The Buildathon will take place at the Harper Adams University Campus north of Telford on Saturday 31 August. We plan to start at 19:00.

The project is unashamedly retro in that it is a tribute to George, G3RJV SK. He used the same VFO circuit, or variations of it, in many projects over the years and he often referred to it as his 'Sunday Best' VFO. The version we have put together for the Convention uses currently available components configured for 5MHz.

Part of the fun of the Buildathon will be a 'stability challenge' where your completed VFO will be put to the test and drift results will be placed on a Leader Board. There will be an appropriate prize, or two for 'the best', whatever that means.

As always, all project parts will be provided together with a full set of instructions. We will have plenty of tools, multi-meters, etc, but we have more builders than tool sets, so if you have your own tools, feel free to bring them - we will not be offended!

The cost will be £10 per person. E-mail Steve, G0FUW, to book a place:

The VFO is intended to form part of a revamped SCD transceiver, one of George's early Short Wave Magazine projects. We may have some prototype boards to play with if you finish your VFO very quickly.

If you have any questions about the Buildathon, please do not hesitate to ask Steve.

If the questions are about the Telford Hamfest venue, please address them to Heather and Martyn.