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You will be charged £12 for your years membership plus a small amount to cover the Paypal commission charge which is referred to as "postage" on the next page you see. We are currently only accepting subscriptions for 2021. (As we progress through 2021, new members will be sent all the 2021 magazines thus far). If new members would like to receive 2020 (or older magazies), then visit our club sales page after joining to order back issues from Graham G3MFJ.
The first (Spring) magazine of the 2021 subscription arrives around March 2021. Regardless when you join, your membership will fall due on the following January 1st.

Existing members Note, if you use the Spam Arrest (or similar) service read this note.

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Don't worry that the account is in the name of our treasurer - Graham Firth). The paypal transaction will go to Daphne G7ENA. A callsign (if you have one) is required in the above data field plus existing members should add their membership number. Your delivery address details we will take from Paypal so ensure that this information is correct or update your Paypal account first.

Your payment will always be acknowledged by Dapne G7ENA - to the email address that you have provided Paypal. If you do not get an acknowledgement after 10 days (we do go on holiday now and then) please send Daphne G7ENA an email.

If you have some kind of anti-spam arrangment (like "Spam Arrest") where the Membership Secretary has to register somewhere in order to send you an acknowledgement you may be waiting a long time. If you write to any club officer expecting a reply then it is up to you to whitelist their address or check your filter for a reply. Do not expect us to manage your spam problem for you.