Club Events Calendar

Please Note. If GQRP members are representing the club at a rally then this is the place to advertise it. Please e-mail Tony G4WIF with the details. If your event isn't recorded here then perhaps you haven't contacted G4WIF?


July - Red Rose QRP Festival. Held on Sunday 15 July, 2018 at the new venue; St. Josephs Hall, Mather Lane, Leigh Manchester WN7 2PR More exhibitors than ever, including GQRP, RSGB, RAIBC, Low cost Bring and Buy and lots of components on sale. Open 1100 to 1500


September - GQRP Convention.

Once again, the venue for the Telford HamFest (Sunday 2nd September) has been booked at the hands-on technology centre called “Enginuity” – which is just one of ten historic sites located in the Ironbridge Gorge area of Shropshire. We plan to have several notable speakers in the tradition of the Rishworth G-QRP event. Check here for details.