Club QSL Cards

Many years ago the club stocked some standard QSL cards that members could add their own details to. The world has moved on and far less people send physical QSL cards and many of us now have the ability to print our own cards at home. A quick look on Amazon showed that blank card stock was available very cheaply.

We do not all have artistic abilities so in 2019 we launced a competition to encourage members to design a GQRP card. All entries will be available from this page to alter to include your own details. Inevitable there have to be rules for inclusion on this page:

For universal access, the enties must either be in Microsoft Powerpoint or LibreOffice Impress format. LibreOffice is free and it has the ability to open MS Office files. That also means that you need not own a Windows based computer.

The QSL card has to be in "good taste".

The card can have the creators name in small letters (7 point) as in this example.

This is up to the creator. If it is there, then you are honour bound to leave that acknowledgement of the creators name on the card when you print it.