GQRP Component Databook

This idea was born through a discussion on the club internet conference. "Wouldn't it be useful to have readily to hand data about the components that we regularly use".

This is a group project and is designed to grow over the years. It should definitely not be seen as the work of a few or even an individual but contributed to by any club member who can type or draw. It doesn’t even need to be a thing of beauty as you can submit a scan of a hand sketch if you wish or something that you have used software to design. The only stipulation is that it is your own work or you have permission from the copyright holder to submit it to the compiler, Tony G4WIF.

The submission must contain your name (and callsign if you have one), and if it is the work of someone else, then acknowledgement that it is being reproduced with their kind permission.

Two file formats are proposed because the club does not have all the software that you might have. You can send a Microsoft Word File or convert your work to Portable Document Format (PDF). All PC’s are capable of this - and if you need advice then contact Tony G4WIF. The club website will host an example Word template if you would like to use it but it isn’t mandatory, just as long as the work carries credit to the author.

If you do not own a copy of Microsoft Word then there are many free alternatives, notably Open Office and Libre Office (which have common roots).

Download the GQRP Component Data Book (Issue 6)

Download the Word template.